Light Tank Mk VI

Light Tank Mk VIA

Light Tank Mk VIB

A few Mk VIB modified by the provision of larger sprocket wheels.



Mk VIC ftted with the heavier twopiece tracks and the slightly larger double drive sprocket at the front.

A few light tanks like this Mark VIA were modified in the suspension to give a larger track base and hence a better ride. At least two with 1st Armoured Division in France but this one was photographed in Britain. Extra shock absorbers have been fitted above the springs to reduce the incidence of pitching and note that this tank has no cupola on the turret.

Mk VID (MK VIA with modified suspension)

A Mark VIB ftted with Straussler Series 2 floats. The floats were unwieldy things and a nuisance to transport, but they did keep the tank afloat, even if progress in the water was dismally slow since it relied on the action of the tracks.